Jeffrey Silbernagel, O.D.

Ophthalmic Specialties


Louisiana State University
Bachelor of Science
Baton Rouge, LA

Medical School:
Doctor of Optometry
University of Houston College of Optometry
Houston, TX

Jeffrey Silbernagel, O.D.
  • Tennessee State Board of Optometry
  • National Board of Optometry

“I just love East Tennessee.”

Originally from New Orleans, Jeffrey Silbernagel, O.D., has always dreamed of living in Tennessee. He actually obtained a Tennessee license in 1990 in hopes of living in Tennessee later in his career.

“I have been fortunate to practice in many different practice environments. My career has taken from University teaching,  individual practice, and group practices. I have witnessed the benefits of each practice modality over the past 29 years.”

“My practice has always been about providing optimal vision, thus improving my patient’s quality of life,” says Dr. Silbernagel.

Jeffrey Silbernagel, O.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Silbernagel, OD has practiced Optometry for 29 years. He practices behavioral or functional optometry. This type of vision care examines the relationship of visual skills on performing visual tasks. Various behaviors and adaptations during visual tasks may suggest non-optimal visual skills such as a student’s inability to focus in the classroom, a workers inability to function for hours at the computer, or an athletes decrease in perception and reaction time. This enhanced visual process allows these patients to meet greater visual demands with less effort and less stress. Behavioral optometry offers many new and exciting treatment alternatives to the public. These different levels of care are unique and are based on the simple idea of understanding the role of vision in relation to the total person and their visual demands. The use of prescription lenses not only as a tool to make the world clear but to alter perception and reduce stress is of paramount importance in this emerging discipline.

Dr. Silbernagel joined the LSU Medical Center Department of Ophthalmology immediately after graduating in 1989.  At LSU, he worked as an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, a distinguished position that he held for 10 years. His concentration was in physiological optics, contact lenses and low vision, this experience would benefit him for the rest of his career. He built his own clinic called Sight on Site in New Orleans where he visited schools and did eye exams. Sight on Site visited over 40 schools in the inner city of New Orleans, examined over 2,600 students per school year, and dispensed over 1,800 pairs of glasses to the students.

In 1999, he was recruited to move to Ireland to continue teaching and working in clinical optometry.

“My experience at the LSU eye center in observing the benefits of Ophthalmologists and the Optometrists working together was the model that an Irish Ophthalmologist wanted me to help him institute in how they treat patients in Ireland,” recalls Dr. Silbernagel. “It’s always best when both disciplines are working together. The patients get remarkable care. We wanted to bring that concept to Ireland.”

“No question that the ability to work closely with MDs was the most attractive part of joining Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun,” continues Dr. Silbernagel. “Today, we have eleven Optometrists and six Ophthalmologists covering all specialties in eye care.  It gives me the opportunity to work closely with and refer patients to, really, the most versatile group of eye doctors in East Tennessee. And, truthfully, my patients will benefit greatly.”

“I love it here in East Tennessee,” he says. When Dr. Silbernagel is not treating patients, you might find him hiking, boating, horseback riding or just about any other activity in East Tennessee.

“I can go out my door and be in a secluded area hiking in a matter of minutes,” he explains. “East Tennessee is a wonderful, beautiful place. And I am proud to call this area my home.”