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Take Advantage Of New Optical Lens Technology For Lighter, Tougher Glasses And Better Vision


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Optical lens technology has progressed dramatically in recent years, and Eye Care Optical offers you a number of options with your new glasses.

New lens technologies can make your glasses lighter and more comfortable while also making them tougher and more resistant to damage. This technology can also help reduce glare, adjust automatically to changes in light, and even shield your eyes from others.

Among the lens options we offer are:

  • Varilux:  Progressive lenses that utilize digital, free-form technology for multi-vision options.
  • Crizal Coatings, new anti-reflection lenses to reduce glare. We now have Crizal Sapphire, nearly-invisible lenses that minimize glare and reflections
  • Blu-Blocker, which protects your eyes from harmful, retina-damaging blue light.
  • Transitions color changing lenses. Check out the new the Signature VII with Chromea7 technology, which are response to over 200 different lighting conditions and get darker than other lenses on bright, hot days.

We also offer computer glasses and other specialized lenses.

For contact lens wearers, our doctors are experienced in complicated contact lens fittings, and can help guide you to lenses that provide the optimum comfort and vision performance.

We also help you file insurance for all glasses and contact lens purchases. 

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