Meet the Optometrists

Joy Stone O.D.

The eyes are the portal to the entire body”

When Lauren Joy Stone, O.D., peers into the eyes of patients at EyeCare Optical, she’s typically looking for serious medical conditions that commonly reveal themselves through visual impairments. After personal experiences and a background in managing eye care for all ages, Dr. Stone knows all too well how lives can be enhanced and sometimes saved by taking a closer look into the eyes of patients.

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Sharon M. Billingsley, O.D.

“I am thrilled to be part of a comprehensive eye care practice.”

Sharon Billingsley, O.D., knew early on that a career in healthcare was her passion, but she also was a highly sought-after point guard for her high school basketball team. After her final game as Cleveland State Cougar, her admiration of her brother-in-law’s career as an Optometrist gave her the direction she needed to follow his footsteps.

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Gregory Everett, O.D.

“I want to be as educated and skilled as possible to handle the most challenging of situations.”

Dr. Greg Everett has never shied away from a challenge. In 2002, right after his 17th birthday, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. So, one week after graduating from high school, he was in boot camp and by late 2003, he was deployed to Iraq in Iraqi Freedom II. Now that’s a challenge, but the quote above is actually referring to his job as an Optometrist with Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun.

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Mia Guillory, O.D.

I want to have a more personal relationship with my patients.”

Born and raised in Eunice, Louisiana, Mia Guillory, O.D. had varied interests and hobbies like tap dancing, ballet, cheerleading and playing piano. But mostly, she just wanted to hang out with friends.

“I guess I just liked being around people,” Mia explains. “Combine that with a desire to help others and that’s how I realized that I wanted to work in healthcare.”

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Daniel Horton O.D.

“It’s not like people are built in a Ford assembly line.”

As an Optometrist, Dr. Daniel Horton never stops reminding himself that not all humans are built the same. “People are different,” he says, “and different people respond differently to certain types of treatments. I want to make sure we treat each patient as an individual, closely monitoring his or her condition and carefully observing reactions to our treatments. Each patient is a unique case.”

Born and raised in Maryville, young Daniel began wearing corrective lenses at age 9. “I began seeing Dr. Peterson in Maryville,” he recalls. “He was wonderful and I could see that he really liked his job. I just knew that I could do some good in this profession.”

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Shawn Molloy O.D.

While growing up in McMinnville, TN, Shawn Molloy discovered two primary passions: swimming and art. As a teenager, his interest in swimming led him to become a certified lifeguard. In fact, the first year he was employed at McMinnville’s municipal pool, young Shawn recorded an amazing 20 rescues. “It was exciting work,” he recalls, “but all the while I had art in the back of my mind as my eventual career.” Accordingly, he enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University as an art major.

But things didn’t work out as planned. During his first semester, he discovered that his teachers were primarily focused on abstract art, a form the budding artist wasn’t comfortable with. “That’s when I got the best career advice of my life,” he smiles. “Thank goodness for Mom.”

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